Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) Policy

SULFO is in the business of manufacture and/or distribution of a diversified range of FMCG products for Personal care and goods for common household use, general trading in selected items and services. In the multi-business context of SULFO, corporate strategies take into account the application of sound management principles to all facets of our business operations including Quality, Health & Safety and Environment.


SULFO shall strive for excellence in all our business activities consistent with the best recognized practice in the respective fields while ensuring sustainable financial returns to shareholders.


SULFO is, therefore, committed to

  • Understanding and responding to the business and external imperatives of our customers by emphasizing on quality, dynamic innovation and diversification of our products and services.
  • Conducting its operations with due regard for the environment by pollution prevention, and providing a safe and healthy workplace for each employee by eliminating conditions and incidents that could result in personal injury and ill health.
  • Direct the collective endeavour of the company's employees at all levels towards sustaining and improving the management systems and performance related to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.
  • Keeping our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders informed in a timely manner on relevant issues.
  • Comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, & OHSAS 18001 standards and strive to exceed benchmarked standards, whether regulatory or otherwise.
  • Improve the effectiveness of QHSE management system by periodical review of policy and objectives.


To support and achieve above commitments, following guidelines shall serve as the framework for laying down objectives and targets. We shall strive to:-

  • Work proactively with our customers to deliver their current and emerging needs through market research, consumer surveys and feedbacks.
  • Resolve issues of customer complaints through a very active complaint handling system.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Build customer & consumer trust and effectively sustain it.
  • Promote a successful safety culture by following safe working practices and procedures developed through effective hazard analysis, training and experience.
  • Instil a sense of duty in every employee towards personal safety, as well as that of others who may be affected by the employee's actions.
  • Educate and train to institutionalize QHSE values throughout the company.
  • Raise QHSE awareness of all employees and customers, stressing personal accountability.
  • Promote a culture of continual improvement for our employees to be motivated, develop and maintain their skills.
  • Involve employees in a meaningful and effective manner on QHSE issues, considering their view points in any decisions that may affect their health, safety, welfare at work and environment.
  • Take account of quality, environment, occupational health and safety in business planning and decision-making, wherever possible.
  • Contribute to sustainable development by continuing to provide products that are essential for, and produced in a way that balances, economic, social and environmental progress and through the establishment and implementation of QHSE standards that are scientifically tested and meet the requirement of relevant laws, regulations and codes of practice.
  • Provide and maintain facilities, equipment, vehicles, operations and working conditions which are safe for employees, visitors and contractors at the company's premises
  • Reduce, whenever technically and economically possible, the level of emissions into the air, water and soil, including noise and odour and solid waste production.
  • Continuously apply integrated preventive environmental strategy to processes, products and services in order to increase the overall efficiency and to reduce risks to human life and the environment; i.e. to promote Cleaner Production. Whilst maintaining quality, wherever possible, we aim to:
    • Rethink what we use and specify products that minimise environmental damage
    • Reduce what we use
    • Reuse what we can
    • Recycle what's left
    • Promote a culture of resource efficiency in consumption of natural resources, materials and consumables, reduce waste and energy conservation.
  • Ensure safe handling, storage, use and disposal of all substances and materials that are classified as hazardous to health and environment.
  • Establish continual improvement programs, setting objectives and targets related to QHSE and defining plans for their achievement, including the resources assignment, formation of specific teams (including but not exclusive) for Energy Conservation, Safety, Housekeeping and  review the results.
  • Institute and implement a system of regular audit and reviews  in order to assure compliance with laid down policy, benchmarked standards, and requirements of laws, regulations, applicable codes of practice and procedures.
  • Proactively share information with stakeholders and business partners towards inculcating world-class QHSE standards.
  • Review policy periodically for adequacy, suitability and effectiveness.
  • Improve returns on our investments and preserve and build the value of our equities.

All employees of SULFO are expected to adhere to and comply with this Policy. This QHSE Policy extends to all sites of the company. The various department/unit heads shall be responsible for implementing the QHSE management systems in line with this policy including formation of various teams and designating individuals for specific responsibilities in respect of their department/unit.


Apart from publicizing this QHSE Policy in our website and communicating the same through internal notifications specifically for all our employees and contractors, it will be available to the public upon request.


The ultimate responsibility of the QHSE management system shall rest with the top management.


H. Dharmarajan

Managing Director




“SULFO is committed to providing food products for our clients and customers which are safe to consume and meets their quality expectations. SULFO recognises and accepts its responsibility to comply with the food safety requirements of current legislation and industry standards and to keep our employees and customers informed in a timely manner on issues having impact on food safety.”


SULFO has developed and adopted food safety policies and procedures that meet legal requirements and industry’s best practice to achieve its objectives.


SULFO acknowledges that successful implementation of this policy requires full commitment from all levels of management and employees, and requires that:


  • All employees are provided with the information and training necessary to enable them to perform their tasks in a hygienic manner.
  • All employees accept responsibility for ensuring that when performing tasks, they do so in a hygienic manner so that the safety, soundness and wholesomeness of the food products they process is not put at risk.
  • All employees co-operate with management or any other authorised person to ensure that statutory obligations are properly complied with.


SULFO recognises that a successful food safety culture can be achieved only by following safe working practices and procedures developed through effective hazard analysis, training and experience. The following arrangements promote such a culture:


  • SULFO shall measure its performance in relation to food safety by audit and by investigation of incidences of ill health or injury.
  • SULFO food safety policy shall be subject to continuous review and revision particularly when changes to legislation or technical knowledge occur.
  • SULFO recognises that the prevention of food poisoning and the promotion of excellence in foodservice brings tangible benefits to our workforce, clients and shareholders and contributes to good business performance.


The top Management has overall responsibility for ensuring that Company food safety standards, policies and procedures are maintained and implemented, and that food safety performance is reviewed at each Management review meeting.



Managing Director


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